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Healthy travel with fit legs

Long and confined sitting times are not only uncomfortable, but also a risk to your health. The leg veins are pinched and the blood is congested in the legs. Swollen feet and an increased risk of travel thrombosis are the results.

To minimize your risk and feel better while traveling you should
• drink enough water, that keeps the blood liquid
• if possible get up and walk occasionally (for example on the train)
• make breaks, if you are traveling by car and walk around a bit
• Stretch and pull your feet to activate the muscle pump and pump the blood 
   up in your legs
• if possible don't cross your legs

To make this easier or even possible in crammed seat rows, we recommend our Venavital Travelsox or the Venavital Traveller.

Vein gymnastics reduces the risk of thrombosis! The vein training with the Traveller regulates the venous backflow lastingly. Even 10 minutes of vein training improve the venous flow considerably.

Regular vein training reduces venous congestion complaints perceptibly. During trips and job-induced lack of movement prophylactic vein training reduces the danger of venous congestion, and for the respective risk groups the risk of thrombosis. 
Please consult your physician! 

Vein training with the Traveller works like this
While sitting, put your feet in a parallel position on the previously inflated Traveller. Then rock slowly and evenly backwards and forwards for 10 minutes. This dorsal and plantar reflection of the ankle pushes the heel and the tips of the toes down, so that the front rim of the Traveller touches the floor.

The Traveller as a multi-functional piece of equipment
Apart from its main function as a vein trainer, the Traveller offers many further pleasant options for use. It can be used for example as a head and neck support on the plane, in bus or car, or just as well as a back support.

TravelSox for traveling, leisure and job!
Lack of movement due to long times sitting and standing on trips, but also during work and leisure time lead to a strong strain on the legs. In this case vein training is an important prevention method of venous damages. 
But even before getting on a plane, bus or car, things can be done to support the legs: people who are already suffering from varicose veins or other venous complaints should put on their TravelSox before they start. With their compressive effect they support the “venous heart”, the bloodcirculation by muscle movement, and this relieves the vein valves and walls.

Also people should consume a lot of liquids and avoid crossing their legs while seated.