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Vein and lymph competence at the compression center

We are absolute experts for compression therapy and venous health. In our specialized shop we carry an extensive assortment of high quality brand products. These are measured and fitted with great care and the highest value is being place on optimum supply and advice.
Our range of services comprises:

medizinische  Kompressionsstrümpfe  in allen Klassen und  Längen

compression hosiery
in all classes and

medizinische  Kompressionsstrümpfe  mit Naht

compression hosiery
with seam

Arm stockings

Rumpf-Versorgungen mit Kompression

Thorax versions
with compression

Anziehhilfen für  Kompressionsstrümpfe

Aids for putting on and taking off
cmpressions hosiery

Anziehhilfen für  Armstrümpfe

Aids for putting on and taking off
Arm stockings

Aids for putting on and taking off

Hautpflegeartikel Kompressions-Gel Kompressions-Creme Kompressions-Schaum Kompressions-Spray

Skin care items
Compression gel
Compression cream
Compression foam
Compression spray