Lymphatic Health

Therapy of Lymph and Lip Edema

Compression stockings are a major part of the therapy of lymphatic and lip edema. It prevents that the swelling or disturbed fat distribution increases. Together with lymph drainage, sensible eating and exercise therapy many patients can be helped a lot. 

Edema diseases are chronic and require life long treatment. The optimum supply of compression products is of enormous importance for the daily wear and well being. Our team has specialized for many years in choosing the right option from numerous available products and to fit these individually. For this we take the time necessary and cooperate with specialized partners.

Unfortunately for this therapy delicate and transparent compressions stockings are not enough. Stronger hosiery with optimized fitting options are knitted to fit the patients body. A lot of knowledge and know-how are necessary to take the measurements for these made-to-measure products correctly. We are well versed in this and can give you advice concerning products, application and care.

We hold lymph trainings.
The courses follow the guide lines of the Lymphology Quality Circle and offer you support for applying for further lymphological treatments from your treating specialist as well as from the health insurance responsible for you. You will receive a corresponding certificate about your participation.

In addition the course contents will help you learn to live and deal better with the disease and will supply many helpful tips. Peter Wörmann, physio-therapist with a practice specialized in lymphological treatments, will lead the workshops.