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Registration for the Lymph Training

Training venue: Venavital, Weißenburger Str.44,
                           63739 Aschaffenburg, Germany


tl_files/venavital/medien/lymph/quadrat.gif Peter Wörmann Physio therapist  with a practice specialized in lymph treatments


Course Content:

tl_files/venavital/medien/lymph/quadrat.gif Anatomy and function of the lymphatic systems
tl_files/venavital/medien/lymph/quadrat.gif Lymphological compression bandaging
tl_files/venavital/medien/lymph/quadrat.gif What can I do myself?
tl_files/venavital/medien/lymph/quadrat.gif Compression hosiery -> putting it on - wearing it - care
tl_files/venavital/medien/lymph/quadrat.gif Drainage gymnastics and lymph drainage-friendly every day behavior


Course fees: 40,- € per person incl. baked goods and drinks during break

The amount has to be transferred in advance.

Bank details:
Account number: 11 03 22 81 
Bank code: 795 500 00
Bank: Sparkasse Aschaffenburg-Alzenau


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