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Aqua-Massage - ultimate massage, stay dressed and dry.
Whole or partial body massage, without being touched by a stranger's hands. Choose between different massages, relaxing or invigorating. Enjoy with relaxing music and refreshing fragrances.



Finally some good news: a proven treatment method from space technology is now also available for the care of your health and figure.
Here the circulation is stimulated and the return of used blood and lymphatic fluid is supported. A pleasant side effect of this »space treatment« is that it helps to float and discharge lymphatic metabolites.

No astronaut can do without this low pressure treatment in space because in the weightlessness of outer space the heart is too weak to supply the legs sufficiently with blood, due to the missing force of gravity.


The area of use of the low pressure treatment is not limited to modern figure ministrations. The treatment can also show success on tired legs and feet.

It is also used in high performance sports, for example at the Olympic Rhein-Ruhr base or at the German Sports University in Cologne.


The low pressure helps fresh blood and oxygen to flow to the legs and feet; at positive pressure it has its share in transporting used blood and metabolites via the veins and lymphatic system back to the trunk.

Spontaneously legs and feet can feel lighter. The skin appearance can improve. The applications take only take 30 minutes and are very pleasant. Total wellness.

The low pressure wave masssage has been developed together with experts of the German Air- and Spacecraft Association (Deutsche Luft- und Raumfahrtgesellschaft, DLR). Numerous applications observations have been recorded. 

Frequent application areas are:

• circulatory problems
• stimulation of venous and lymphatic drainage

The treatment is undertaken world wide in leading establishment for curative cosmetics, medical wellness, health and prevention.

You can profit too from the treatment with the "space tube"!

By the way, Vacustyling is patented. The procedure is also part of the equally patented differentiated cellulites treatment (Differenzierte Cellulite Behandlung - DCB).

Care products

Care products for the Vacustyle application.


The complete product range of a Differentiated Cellulites treatment starts with a weekly BODY PEELING. For the regular body care against cellulites additionally ALPHA MOUSSE, "AE" STICK and STYLER CREME are used. For the treatment of cellulites and for general body care, Weyergans High Care Cosmetics provides a wide range of special products.


Special massage cream for the stimulation of the lymphatic circulation

STYLER CREAM is used in particular for the Differentiated Cellulites treatment of Weyergans High Care Cosmetics. STYLER CREAM is a product for the treatment at home or in institutes and is used for the general improvement of the skin appearance of cellulites. The extracts contained in STYLER CREAM are contributing to the activation of the lymphatic circulation, it is used prophylactically and for already visible cellulites. Tocopherol (Vitamin E) and moisturizers care for and protect the skin.


Special product for the Differentiated Cellulites treatment

"AE" STICK is used in particular during the Differentiated Cellulites treatment of the Weyergans High Care AG. The "AE" STICK is to support locally the intra-cellular burning of fat depots. Depot fats are fat deposits in the tissue. They are mainly collecting in body areas such as the thighs, posterior, stomach, hips and upper arms. Burning the depot fats is to be achieved due to elevated oxygen absorption in the tissue.