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Guidance is the basis for an optimum choice of product

The high quality of our guidance and advice is based on many years of experience with the products, application options and reachable effects. We don't only advise you theoretically, but thoroughly check our products during personal use. As medical device advisors, the whole Venavital-team is competent in issues of physiology, biomechanics, body statics and -dynamics, performance factors, special physical features and the handling of limitations of all kind. In addition we pursue a holistic advice approach that also deals with mental fitness and nutrition.

We can help performance oriented people or people with problems concerning sport, movement or their level of fitness with our motion analysis

Based on this we can give you integral advice concerning more fitness, performance optimization, the promotion of health and a perfect product choice.

Why walking naturally is so healthy
The positives effects of MBT are based on a principle that is called “natural instability”. An effect that could actually be reached completely without high-tech footwear: by walking bare-footed exclusively on soft, uneven natural grounds such as sand or moss. Not so easy to achieve in a western industrial society – but a blessing for our health: only if the body has to keep its natural balance without any supporting footwear, will the important muscles close to the joints receive enough training that keeps our locomotor system healthy.