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Experts' Opinions

Dr. Wessinghage, Medical Director, Managing Director Reha-Klinik Damp, former European 5000m champion

"The MBT leads from a passive, strained posture to a joint and back preserving, active gait pattern. The pelvic and spine posture is stabilized by muscles. The return blood flow from the leg veins is strongly assisted. Step by step, the Masai Barefoot Technology® has preventative and therapeutical effects. It is perhaps the most important innovation in the shoe industry in recent years.” 

Mike von Grünigen, 2time Giant Slalom World Champion 

“I am wearing the MBT for more than two years regularly in my every day life and am thrilled by its effect and the wonderful feeling when walking.”

Timo Konietzka, Football Legend and Coach

These two “shoes” influenced my life!

“The golden shoe I received for my first Bundesliga goal, the MBT gave me back my health!” “I had severe problems with hips, back and Achilles tendons. Thanks to the MBT I am a 100% pain free for 2 years now. With 64 years, I am jogging daily for 10 km.”

Dr. Med. Olaf Then, Orthopedic Surgeon for Sports Medicine, Chirotherapy Bavarian Rheumatism- and Orthopedics-Center 

“The biomechanical effect of the MBT leads to an anatomical-functional use of joints and spine according to their construction. Reduced wear and less pain are the consequences. For these reasons the MBT is used more and more in therapy, rehabilitation, orthopedics, preventative and fitness sectors.” 

Wendelin Lauxen, world-wide first person who ran a marathon with MBT on all 7 continents.

“I am an enthusiastic user of the MBT for 10 years and have started to wear the MBT because I have knee and back problems due to a sports injury.”