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Modern, fashionable and functional Compression Therapy

Compression hosiery creates pressure on the veins, starting at the ankle and lessoning towards to top of the leg. This pressure dose reduces the diameter of damaged veins. In this way the venous valves that prevent the backflow of the blood can close again. The transport of venous blood in the correct direction towards the heart is noticeably improved.

Modern compression stockings offer absolutely pleasant wearer comfort, a modern and subtle look, all this with full functionality.

In fashionable colors, a compression stocking today can hardly be distinguished from normal hosiery. In our specialist shop you can choose from numerous fashionable colors. 
We take careful measurements for the compression stockings and advise you concerning quality, styles, colors and additional products. Our specialist advisors will also supply you with valuable information concerning the every day use of compression therapy and the care of your hosiery.

Taking stockings on and off made easy. There are various tricks and efficient means of help for putting on compression stockings. We will demonstrate this in detail during the provision. Very useful and simple aids can be of additional help. The so-called stocking-butler stretches the stocking and enables you to put it on with more ease.

The stocking-butler makes putting on and taking off all types of compression hosiery easier for you and with a respective indication can be prescribed by the doctor. His stability offers you safety and guarantees a hygienic application.

Textile dressing aids mean a better sliding over the skin.

For many stocking users taking off the stockings is also a daily cumbersome occurrence. “Easy Off” is a very efficient solution of this problem. We are happy to demonstrate to you how it works.