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Functional compression helps against edema

In cases of edema diseases the compression stocking prevents further swelling and helps to reduce the growth of fat tissue. Compression stockings for lip or lymph edema are therefore stronger and a littler thicker than stockings for venous diseases.

Bu also for these special stockings there are color alternatives and various materials. The feeling while wearing the stockings is described as pleasant by the patient because it reduced the tension make the legs feel lighter. Breathability and ease of care are a matter of course.

As the compression products are knitted individually and made-to-measure, special knowledge is required of those who do the measuring and fitting. Toes, arms, fingers, trunk or the chest can also be supplied with compression products.

Putting on and taking off made easy
There are various tricks and efficient means of help for putting on compression stockings. We will demonstrate this in detail during the provision. Very useful and simple aids can be of additional help. The so-called stocking-butler stretches the stocking and enables you to put it with more ease.

The stocking-butler makes putting on and taking off all types of compression hosiery easier for you and with a respective indication can be prescribed by the doctor. His stability offers you safety and guarantees a hygienic application.

Textile dressing aids mean a better sliding over the skin.

For many stocking users taking off the stockings is also a daily cumbersome occurrence. “Easy Off” is a very efficient solution of this problem. We are happy to demonstrate to you how it works.