Our Service Promise

Active for YOUR Well-Being

We offer YOU an exemplary service through:

  • • Customer-friendly personal reception in a comfortable atmosphere
  • • Expert advice and individual care with immediate provision
  • • In case of necessary orders with short supply times of only 3-4 working days, also for made-to measure  items, or in emergencies within 48 hours, always considering the requirements of the customer
  • • Modern measuring methods for your compression hosiery
  • • Maximum waiting time with a pre-arranged appointment 10 min., otherwise you receive a free-of-charge treatment in the Venavital-Studio
  • • Arranging appointments also possible outside opening hours
  • • Call-back after your enquiry by a competent team member within 24 hours
  • • E-mails and letters also receive a reply within 24 hours
  • • Free-of-charge check and remeasuring of the provided item
  • • Free-of-charge technical check of your hosiery by the manufacturer
  • • Customer-focused complaints handling

All our products are manufactured to high quality requirements and are certified according to German and European quality standards.